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At Plain Gains, we pride ourselves on delivering credible information in relation to your health and weight-gain goals. That's why we have worked with industry experts to provide the most reliable information.

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Front-end web developerFounder of Plain Gains

"I created Plain Gains as someone who is passionate about fitness and nutrition having struggled in the past to understand how to effectively gain healthy weight myself. I wanted to provide a platform dedicated to sharing information on how to gain weight in the most healthy and sustainable way backed by the experts.

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Who are our contributors?

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Thomas RayStrength & Conditioning Coach | Personal Trainer


Tom is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer based in Soho, London.

His interest in keeping active was sparked at a young age where he began training in various disciplines up to 7 evenings a week before the age of 12. His training journey has seen him compete in Martial Arts, Weightlifting and Bodybuilding competitions across the country.

Toms passion now lies in Strength Training with a huge focus on meeting his clients body composition goals.


Tom boasts experience working with a vast pool of clientele. Amateur level combat athletes, team sport athletes and corporate clients whose requirements all range from improving their strength, body composition and general health and wellbeing.

His academic career includes studying Strength & Conditioning Science BSc, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist qualification and UKSCA Weight Lifting for Sports Performance certification.


After 5 years acquiring experience in many different fields, Toms attention is now firmly placed on working within his niche – clientele who wish to make significant improvements to their body composition. With a goal of increased lean muscle mass, improved strength and a significant reduction in body fat levels. Tom's drive is towards coaching and educating people in a sustainable way to achieve these results.

“If somebody I work with has a goal to reduce or increase their bodyweight and reveal muscle tone and definition, it is not a case of simply achieving a lower or higher scale weight. Focus needs to be placed on increasing their strength and building lean muscle tissue so that when bodyfat levels are reduced there is shape and tone in all desired areas. This is achieved through progressive resistance training and manipulation of nutrition to ensure muscle is preserved and built as body fat is reduced”.

Where to find me?

For 121 coaching I am based at Fitness Lab Soho, London. I offer a premium Online Coaching service for people who are not able to work with me in a face to face capacity, my platform allows for clients to work with me towards their body composition goals utilising all of the knowledge and experience I have acquired over years of coaching. Being held accountable by stringent goal setting processes and regular check-ins for body composition and nutritional adherence, this truly is a result driven service which allows anybody to bridge the gap from where they are currently to where they desire to be with their body transformation goals.

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