Plain Gains was born through a desire to create a platform truly dedicated to weight gain.

With much of the weight management content online focused on losing weight, we understand that there are some people who may want to gain weight instead and may not know how to.

Whether it's restrictive, highly-demanding schedules, fast metabolisms or stress factors influencing this, there was a need to develop a space where engaging and informative content could be shared to educate women on healthy weight gain methods from a fitness and nutrition perspective.

Fitness and nutrition can be confusing. We aim to break down some of the common misconceptions surrounding weight gain and muscle development and share some tips on how you can achieve your personal goals.

We have brought together some trained experts in the field of fitness to shed some light on the most effective methods of building a lifestyle which is not too prescriptive but will aid you in reaching your weight gain goals.

While much of the content does have a focus on weight management, weight is not the only indicator of metabolic health which is what we encourage before anything else.

Our Aims

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    yellow bullet pointTo make access to fitness and nutritional information easy and engaging.

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    yellow bullet pointTo encourage healthy fitness and lifestyle habits.

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    yellow bullet pointTo promote long-term benefits over short-term gains.